Officers and Board members are elected by the membership at the annual October membership meeting. All other positions are appointed by the president or the board. We greatly appreciated the efforts put forth by all of these volunteers to keep the association functional in supporting the local beekeepers and community.

President -
The president chairs all association meetings and is the main point of contact for the association. Additionally the president represents the association to the public and to other organizations such as the State Beekeepers Association.

Sophi Gwynne 253-448-5191

Vice President -
The vice-president provides support to the president and in the absence of the president assumes the duties of the president.

George Purkett 360-895-9116

Secretary -
The secretary records the minutes of association meetings and also maintains the membership roster.

Janet Finley 360-277-7665

Treasurer -
The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the association's finances and provides a monthly accounting to the membership.

Robert S. Finley 360-620-2329

Board Members:
Additional members of the board assist the officers to help set and meet the longer term needs of the association and its membership. They are listed below as contacts for the association

Janet Finley 360-277-7665 (newsletter editor)
___-___-____ (Previous President)
Joe Gwynne 253-448-5171 (years 2017-2018)
Lucia Olson 206-909-0267 (years 2018-2019)
Darlene Stiffey 360-340-0427 (years 2018-2020)

Special Appointments:

Director of Apiary Resources -
The Bee Association maintains an apiary of association owned hives to support hands on instruction for classes, resources for queen rearing, hands on demonstrations of hive manipulation skills, and to support a broader understanding of the management of honeybee colonies. The Director of Apiary Resources is to make sure that the apiary is well maintained and the bees are well cared for. Any required uses of the apiary should be coordinated with the Director . If you want to see various races or various hive designs at the association apiary, contact the Director. Also, the Director is always looking for assistance in maintaining the association apiary and getting it ready for classes. This is a great way to learn. If you have time, give her/him a call or email and volunteer your services.

George Purkett 360-895-9116

Current Apiary Assistants:
Brenda Smith ___-___-____ (Former Director)
Bob & Janet Finley ___-___-____
Joe & Sophi Gwynne ___-___-____
Shaari Unger ___-___-____
And many more...

Volunteer Coordinator -

The Volunteer coordinator organizes our member volunteers to staff the many functions and activities of the association. Nothing gets done in this all volunteer organization without the members stepping forward to volunteer their time, knowledge and skills.

Sophi Gwynne 253-448-5191

Newsletter Editor -

The newsletter editor edits collects information, announcements, rumors, and great ideas from within the association and and community and publishes them in coherent electronic newsletters. The newsletters are posted to the website, sent out to the yahoo group, and sent out to an email list.

Janet Finley 360-277-7665

Librarian -
The librarian maintains the association's library resources, acquires new library materials, and provides these materials to the membership at association meetings.

Sophi Gwynne 253-448-5191

Honeybee Ambassador to the World from WSBA -
The Honeybee Ambassador to the world from WSBA is the official traveling member of the association whom visits beekeepers and beekeeping associations. The hope is for WSBA to establish 'sister' relationships with remote beekeeping associations for the purposes of sharing information and perhaps colaborating on beekeeping activities. These could take the form of newsletter article exchanges, apiary photo or video exchanges, perhaps remote training, or an eventual physical visit. It is left to the Ambassador to help determine the best sort of exchange to set up.
Darren is posting periodic updates to his houseofbees website.

Darren Gordon


Education Committee -
The Education Committee organizes and coordinates the classes and training events provided by the West Sound Bee Association.

Shaari Unger (co-chair) ___-___-____
Darlene Stiffey (co-chair) ___-___-____

Journeyman Study Group -
The journeyman study group will help concentrate and coordinate the efforts of members interested in obtaining their Washington state journeyman beekeeping certificate. The focus of the group is in gaining and sharing beekeeping knowledge and skills beyond the beginner level.

Vacant ___-___-____

Fair and Events Committee -
The fair and events committee will organize the associations efforts to support community outreach opportunities for the association. These would include supporting a booth or display at fairs and other public or private events. Current events and fairs supported include the Kitsap County Fair, Ecofest, and Makerfest

Brenda Smith

Grant and Scholarship Committee -
The grant and scholarship committee administers the scholarship and grants programs for the association.

Paul Lundy 360-297-6743

Mentoring Coordinator -
The Mentoring Coordinator connects beekeepers looking to be mentored with beekeepers willing to be mentors. These mentoring relationships are generally beneficial for both parties involved.


Queen Rearing Group -
The Queen Rearing Group organizes and coordinates our association led queen rearing activities. These include grafting sessions at the association apiary, presentations of queen rearing topics to the group and to the membership, hosts queen rearing and advanced beekeeping classes as association fund-raisers, develops and disseminates queen rearing information and experiences within the association, and oversees sales of surplus queens and nucs. Another goal is to produce superior, locally-adapted queens. Also helps propagate the stock provided by the WSU's Queen Breeding and Research Program.


Educational Materials -
The education committee organizes and provides educational materials geared towards members who wish to present beekeeping to schools and other interested groups.

Barbara Stedman 360-692-9453

Webmaster -
The Webmaster maintains the association's website making updates and changes where necessary. Please notify him when changes are needed. Sometimes he needs additional reminding.

George Purkett 360-895-9116