Here is the latest list of books, dvd's, cd's, etc. in the WSBA Library. The Library materials are available to association members to check out for one-month periods. The Library is located at Stedman's Bee Supply and is a self checkout/checkin process. Signs are on the Library shelf listing the steps for checkout and checkin. Each item has a checkout card attached. To checkout - Select your item from the shelf; remove the card from the sleve and write your name, date, phone number on the checkout card and place it in the card box. To checkin - find the checkout card in the card box; write the checkin date, put a line through your name, put the card back into the sleeve, and put the item back on the shelf.
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Some of these books are many years old but are still very insightful and relevant. There is a review of most items on the card sleeve. Part of your association dues go to fund to purchase new library materials. Additionally, we have members donate books and videos to the library. If you wish to Donate to the library or want to recommend an item for purchase, send an email to


Sortable List of Library Items

Item Type Subject Description
1 vhs Intro Bee Hives and Beekeeping (Al, Victor)
2 vhs Intro Bee Info (this may be the 3rd copy of the Intro to Beekeeping by Ed Weiss)The original was inadvertently destroyed and a copy made to replace it.
3 dvd Bees Bees, Nepal
4 cd Wax Candle Making for Everyone
5 dvdr Childrens Children's Honey Bees
6 Paperback Answers Why do Bees Buzz by Evans and Butler Donated by Charles 11/2012
7 Paperback Bumblebees Befriending Bumble bees "A practical guide to raising local bumble bees" by Evans, Burns, Spivak 2007 Donated by Charles 11/2012
8 Paperback Bee Society The Queen Must Die and Other Affairs of Bees and Men by William Longgood1985 reprint of 1917 book 234 pages Donated by Charles 11/2012
9 book Bee The Honey Bee by James L. Gould and Carol Grant Gould Scientific American Library 1988 hardback 239 pages Purchased 9/24/2012
10 Reprint Beekeeper Miller: Fifty Years Among the Bees ($19.00)C.C. Miller Long a classic within the beekeeping community, this book is one of the greatest works on the ancient art and science of beekeeping. A practical, yet endlessly charming handbook on all aspects of this romantic, arcane pursuit, it offers advice, observations, and information gleaned from a half-century of beekeeping. 111 illustrations. May be the best beekeepnig book ever donated by Kim 8/2012
11 Reprint colony management Doolittle: A Year in an Out-Apiary Delightfully reformatted and supplemented with a table of contents, index and an interview by E.R. Root, this reprint reviews Doolittle's out-apiary experiences in 1905. The auto was new, but his queen and increase methods are still very useful. Doolittle's system of colony management, indeed apiary management, is still very instructive 100 years later. Donated by Kim 8/2012
12 book Queen Rearing Doolittle's Scientific Queen Rearing (REPRINT) ($23.00) G. M. Doolittle is often called the Father of Modern Queen Rearing, having developed the method of transferring young larvae from worker brood cells to special wax cups he fashioned from rods from wooden rakes. Having spent over two decades to develop the methods, reviewing other methods, and evaluating the results, he finished the book on Christmas, 1888. The book was published by the American Bee Journal in 1889 and reprinted in 1899.This is a very useful book, and in many ways amazing due to Doolittle's insight into bee biology and the importance of quality queens in a beekeeping operation. An absolute must if you raise queens or plan to, this book is highly recommended for all beekeepers who are serious about learning how the beekeeper influences the quality of the queen and thus the entire hive. The reprint has 101 pages. It has been reset, images enhanced, and a Table of Contents added to help find Doolittle's many discussion threads. have read. We need a copy for the library Donated by Kim 8/2012
13 book Gardening with Bees Attracting Native Pollinators: The Xerces Society Guide, Protecting North America's Bees and Butterflies Donated by kim 8/2012
14 book Hive World of a Beehive John Powell purchased 3/2012
15 book Intro A Recipe for Bees Gail Anderson-Dargatz
16 book Swarms The Wisdom of Bees: What the Hive Can Teach Business about Leadership, Efficiency, and Growth Ph.D., Michael O'Malley
17 book Hive products Propolis: Nature's Energizer (Good Health Guides Series) Carlson Wade
18 book Honey The Magic of Honey Dorothy Perlman
19 book Intro Plan Bee: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Hardest-Working Creatures on the Planet Susan Brackney This is a good read for a pre-beginner
20 book Killer Bees Living with Killer Bees: The Story of the Africanized Bee Invasion (ISBN: 0932551122 / 0-932551-12-2) Flakus
21 book Killer Bees Killer Bees: The Africanized Honey Bee in the Americas (ISBN: 0674503538 / 0-674-50353-8) Mark L. Winston
22 book Killer Bees Africanized honey bees in the Americas (ISBN: 0936028149 / 0-936028-14-9) Dewey M Caron
23 book Mead The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing Charlie Papazian support the mead makers
24 book Childrens A Hive For The Honeybee Soinbhe Lally for our younger readers
25 book Mead The Encyclopedia of Beer : The Beer Lover's Bible Christine P. Rhodes a general brewing reference for the mead makers
26 book Bee life Clan Apis
27 book Entemology How to Know the Immature Insects
28 book Entemology The Insects: Structure and Function
29 book Queen Rearing reference Genetics by Strickberger This is a reference mentioned in Breeding Super Bees for a basic genetics book useful for learning the basics of genetics.
30 book Royal Jelly Royal Jelly by Irene Stein
32 book Subject The basic beekeeping and honey book Louise G Hanson
33 book Killer Bees Beekeeping of the Assassin Bees Dario Espina
34 book Subject Mastering the Art of Beekeeping: v. 2 Ormond; Aebi, Harry Aebi second copy for library
35 book Beekeeping Hooray for Beekeeping! (Kalman, Bobbie, Hooray for Farming!,) Bobbie Kalman, Allison Larin, Niki Walker
36 book Beekeeping Bees, Beekeeping, Honey and Pollination Walter L. Gojmerac
37 book Intro Starting Right With Bees, a Beginner's Handbook on Beekeeping.
38 book Lifestyle The art & adventure of beekeeping Ormond Aebi
39 book Bees Bees and Beekeeping (Comstock Bk) Roger A. Morse
40 book Subject The Complete Guide to Beekeeping Roger A. Morse
41 book Subject BEEKEEPING IN THE UNITED STATES Agriculture Handbook No. 335 United States Department Of Agriculture old standard doc for library referenced in many places
42 book Intro Beekeeping: The Gentle Craft John Festus Adams
43 cd Subject Bee Aware - CD ROM
44 vhs Intro Bee Info (this may be the 3rd copy of the Intro to Beekeeping by Ed Weiss) The original was inadvertently destroyed and a copy made to replace it.
45 vhs Childrens Children's Honey Bees
46 vhs Hive life City of Bees - Moody Science Classics
47 vhs Intro Collection of 3 TV Specials - (1) Setting up a new hive, (2) The Mysterious Bee, (3) They Honey Harvest
48 vhs Disease Finding & Treating Bee Diseases, 1998 Brushy Mtn. (2 copies)
49 vhs Mites Formic Acid, Mites Trachial and Varroa
50 vhs Honey Honey in the Comb
51 vhs Intro Honeybees and Beekeeping, K. Delaplane (2 tape package, 2 copies, including book)
52 vhs Intro Introduction to Beekeeping, Ed Weiss (copy 2)
53 vhs Breeding Monk and the Honeybee (The) (86 min) VHS
54 dvd Disease Nicotine Bees, Kevin Hansen, 2006 (53 min) DVD
55 dvd Intro Tales from the Hive
56 dvd Colony Management Requeening and Colony Division Made Easy, 1997, 1999(2) Brushy Mtn. (3 copies)
57 dvd Culture Ulee's Gold, MGM, 1997, 1hr 53min. DVD
58 dvd Mites Varroa Mite, Brushy Mountain (2 copies)
59 dvd Honey What's Buzzin', National Honey Board
60 book Intro A Bee is Born, Harold Doering 1962
61 book Intro A Book of Bees, Sue Hubbell 1988 (193 pages) paperback
62 book Pollen A Colour Guide to Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee, William Kirk 2006 (54 pages) spiral bound
63 book Intro A Living from Bees, Frank C. Pellet 1944
64 book History A World Without Bees, Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum 2008
65 book Childrens Bee & Me, Elle J. McGuinness, 2008 {board book)
66 book Queen Rearing Bee Sxe Essentials, L. J. Connor 2008, 333 pgs
67 book Research The Behaviour and Social Life of Honeybees, Ronald Ribbands 1953 352 pages comprehensive book of what is known about honeybees and shows studies of why we know what we do. Very good detail and very readable.
68 book Historical Bees are my Business, Harry J. Whitcombe, 1955
69 book Bees The Bees of the World, Charles D Michener, 913 pgs 2000. comprehensive identification of bees of the world - for the serious entomologist.
70 book Subject The Beekeepers Story, Sheila Black (copy 1) 16 pages grade school level reader
71 book Subject The Beekeepers Story, Sheila Black (copy 3) 16 pages grade school level reader
72 book Subject Beekeeping at Buckfast Abby, Brother Adam 1987 hardback reprint 122 pgs
73 book Subject Bees' Ways, George D. Curtis 1948
74 book Subject Bees, Wasps, and Ants, Eric Grissell, 2010, 335 pgs
75 book Wax Beeswax Production Harvesting Processing Products, William L Coggshall and Roger A Morse 1995 192 pgs.
76 book Was Candle Making, Victoria Kingsbury, 2003, 64pgs
77 book Intro Certified Beekeeper , Short Course (copy 1)
78 book Answers Classroom, (The), Jerry Hays (copy 1)
79 book Answers Classroom, (The), Jerry Hays (copy 2)
80 book General Complete Guide to Beekeeping, Jeremy Evans 1989 192 pgs.
81 book Wax Complete Candle Maker
82 book Bee Dance Language and Orientation of Bees, Karl Von Frisch 566 pages 1993.
83 book Bees The Fascinating World of Bees, Barron's 32 pages 1991.
84 book Intro First Lessons in Beekeeping C. P. Dadant (6 copies, 1-1968, 2-1943, 3-1975, 4-1972, 5-1985, 6-1947)
85 book Answers Five Hundred Answers to Bee Questions, Root-6th edition 1973
86 book Beekeepers Following The Bloom - Across America With the Migratory Beekeeper, Douglas Whynott, 1991, 214 pgs
87 book Disease 4-H series Honey Bee Diseases, Pests. Pesticide Poisonng and Regulations , UofTenn, 27pages, 1996 Donated by Kim
88 book Hive Management 4-H series Seasonal Management of a Honey Bee Colony , UofTenn, 23pages, 1995 Donated by Kim
89 book Honey 4-H series Processing and Packing Honey , UofTenn, 38pages, 1995 Donated by Kim
90 book Hive Life Golden Throng (The)
91 book Subject Guide to Bees and Honey, Ted Hooper 1979 256 pgs
92 book Subject Honey Bee diseases & Pests, CAPA C. Scott-Dupree 2000 27 pages.
93 book Subject Honey Bee Pests, Predators, and Diseases 3rd ed Robert Morse and Kim Flottum 1997 718 pages.
94 book Subject Health and Healing with Bee Products, C Leigh Broadhurst Phd 60 pages paperback 2000.
95 book Subject Health and the honey Bee, Charles Mraz 91 pages Apitherapy ( or bee sting) therapy.
96 book Subject Hive and the Honey Bee, The (2 copies) Joe Graham 1993 1324 pgs
97 book Subject Hive and the Honey Bee, The (2 copies) Roy Grout 1949 652, pages
98 book Subject Honey Getting, E. L. Sechrist 1944, 128 pages
99 book Intro How to Keep Bees
100 book Breeding In Search of the Best Strains of Bees, Brother Adam, 1983, 206 pages
101 book Hive Management Increase Essentials, Lawrence John Connor, 2006, 128 pages
102 book Answers Joys of Beekeeping (The), Richard Taylor, 1974, 166 pages
103 book Beekeepers Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey Bee (1977 reprint), L. L. Langstroth 378 pages
104 book Hive Construction Let's Build a Bee Hive, Wilbert R Miller 1976 92 pgs. Drawings and descriptions of many beehives and other bee equipment. comb bound
105 book Bee Life Life of the Bee, The, Maurice Maeterlinck, 422 pages (2 copies)
106 book General Natural Beekeeping, Robb Conrad, 2007, 246 pages
107 book Wax The New Candle Book, Gloria Nicol, 1997
108 book Honey The new Comb honey Book, Richard Taylor 1981 112 pages Excellent book on how to produce comb honey and contains additional valuable tidbits such as swarm control.
109 book Intro The New Starting Right With Bees
110 book Historical Nine Lectures on Bees, Rudolf Steiner 1964 reprint of 1923 lectures 91 pgs.
111 book Observation Hive Observation Hives, Thomas Webster and Dewey Caron 1999 wire bound 108 pages.
112 book Honey - Canning Putting it up with Honey , Susan Geiskopf, 1979 (224 pgs)
113 book Bee Life Queen Must Die and Other Affairs (The) , William Longgood 1985 reprint of 1917 edition 234 pgs.
114 book Queen Rearing Queen Rearing and Bee Breeding, Harry H Laidlaw and Robert E Page Jr 1997 224 pages.(copy 1)
115 book Queen Rearing Queen Rearing and Bee Breeding, Harry H Laidlaw and Robert E Page Jr 1997 224 pages.(copy 2)
116 book Bees The Secret Life of Bees,Sue Monk Kid, 2003, (2 coppies) paperback
117 book Hive Life The Social Behavior of Bees - A Comparative Study, Charles Michener, 1974, 402 pages
118 book Pollination The Story of Pollination, B.J.D. Meeuse, 1961, 243 pages
119 book Honey Sweeten naturally with Honey (Low Fat Recipes) 95 pages spiral bound
120 book Gardening Weeds of the West, University of Wyoming 5th edition 1999 630 pages.
121 book Hive Life The wisdom of the Hive, Thomas Seeley 1995 295 pages the social physiology of honey bee colonies.
122 book Bees World of Bees (The), Gilbert Nixon 1954 214 pgs Covers many types of bees. Very readable
123 book Top bar hives Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping:Wisdom and Pleasure Combined,Wyatt A Mangum, PhD, 2012 (411 pgs)copy 1 of 2
124 book Top bar hives Top-Bar Hive Beekeeping:Wisdom and Pleasure Combined,Wyatt A Mangum, PhD, 2012 (411 pgs)copy 2 of 2
125 book Top bar hives Top-Bar Beekeeping, Les Crowder and Heather Harrell, PhD, 2012 (175 pgs)
126 DVD CCD Silence of the Bees, Nature, 2008 (118 Minutes)
127 DVD Solitary Bees Bees and Wasps: An Appreciation, Warren A Hatch , 2010 (65 minutes)
128 book Landscaping Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington Homeowners, wsu extention , 2007 (40 pgs)
129 book Bees A Short History of the Honey Bee, E.Readicker-Henderson, 2009 (163 pgs)
130 DVD CCD Queen of the Sun: What are the Bees Telling us?, Collective Eye, 2010 (82 Minutes)
131 magazine Bees Grit's Guide to Backyard Bees and Honey, Grit Contry Skills Series , 2011 (96 pgs)
132 book Honey Recipes Honey Over 75 Farm Fresh Recipes, Hatherleigh press , 2012 (89 pgs)
133 book Reference Honeybee Mites and their control A selected annotated bibliography, IBRA , 1986 (138 pgs)
134 book Childrens Beekeepers, Linda Oatman High, 1998 (32 pgs)
135 book Bees The Bee Book The history and Natural History of the Honeybee, Daphne More, 1976 (143 pgs)
135 book Honey Recipes Honeybee Lessons from and Accidental Beekeeper, C. Marina Marchese , 2009 (255 pgs)
136 book Bees Anatomy of the Honeybee,R. E. Snodgrass , 1984 printing (1956) (334 pgs)
137 book Craft Bees, Bugs & Butterflies 20 Practical Inspirations, Judith Simons , 1996 (64 pgs)
138 book Bees The Behaviour and Social Life of the Honeybees, Ronald Ribbands, 1953 (352 pgs)
139 book Novel Bee Season, Myla Goldberg, 2000 (275 pgs)
141 book Bees The Honeybee An Introduction to Her Sense-Physiology and Behaviour, C. G. Butler , 1952 (132 pgs)
142 book Bees The Beekeeper's Pupil, Sara George , Review Copy (2003) (314 pgs)
143 book Health Bee Pollen and Your Health, Carlson Wade , 1978 (117 pgs)
144 book Poetry The Blind Beekeeper poems, Daniel Moore, 2002 (174 pgs)
145 book Health The Longevity Solution, Dr Case Ingram, 2002 (136 pgs)
146 book Health The Healing Power of Pollen and Other Products from the Beehive, Maurice Hanssen , 1985 (95 pgs)
147 book Bee The Incomparable Honeybee, Dr Reese Halter , 2009 (99 pgs)
148 book Beekeeping ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture 40th Edition, Roger Morse, 1990 (516 pgs)
149 book Hives The Quest for the Perfect Hive, Gene Kritsky, 2010 (198 pgs)
150 book Beekeeping How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey, Walter Kelly, 1993 edition (144 pgs)
151 book Health Health and Healing With Bee Products, C.Leigh Broadhurst Phd , 2000 (60 pgs)
152 book Craft The Complete Soapmaker, Norma Coney , 1996 (128 pgs)
153 Boardbook Childrens Honey Bee, Steve Parks, 2000 (18 pgs)
154 book Beekeeper Jack Straw Writers Anthology Volume 16, 2012 (71 pgs)
155 binder Craft Fat Bees Skinny Bees, Doug Somerville, 2005 edition (142 pgs)
156 book Poetry House of Bees, Stephen Murray , 2011 (96 pgs)
157 book Beekeeping Beeing, Rosanne Daryl Thomas, 2002 (228 pgs)
158 book Mason bees The Orchard Mason Bee, Brian L Griffin, 2011 (127 pgs)
159 book Mason bees Mason Bees for the Backyard Garden, Sherian Wright , 2010 (48 pgs)
160 book Mason bees The Mason-Bees, Jean-Henri Fabre , Reprint of 1914 edition (110 pgs)
161 book Mason bees Managing Blue Orchard Mason Bees for Pollinating Almonds in Fresno, County, Ca, 2nd Ed Gerald Bodily , 2012 (62 pgs)
162 book Mason bees Pollination with Mason Bees, Dr Margriet Dogterom, 2009 (134 pgs)
163 book Topbar Hives The Thinking Beekeeper, Christy Hemenway, 2013 (195 pgs)
164 book Topbar Hives The Barefoot Beekeeper, P. J. Chandler , 2013 (111 pgs)
165 book Hive health Honey Bee Colony Health, Challenges and Sustainable Solutions Diana Sammataro & Jay A. Yoder , 2012 (302 pgs)
166 book Beeginner Beekeeping Basics, Penn State College of Agriculture , 2007 (98 pgs)
167 book Apiary Bee-ssentials A Field Guide, Lawrence John Connor with Robert Muir, 2012 (208 pgs)
168 book General Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping, Dewey M. Caron with Lawrence Conner, 2013 (368 pgs)
169 book Mystery Beekeeper (Mystery Novel), J Robert Janes , 2001 (305 pgs)
170 book Craft Hollyhocks and Honeybees Garden Projects for Young Children, Sara Starbuck, Marla Olthof, Karen Midden, 2002 (189 pgs)
171 book Poetry The Beekeeper's Daughter, Bruce Hunter , 1986 (78 pgs)
172 book Poetry Honeybee Poems & Short Prose, Naomi Shihab Nye, 2008 (164 pgs)
173 book health Honeybee Pollen and the New You, James A. Devlin Phd., 1993 (122 pgs)
174 book Beginner Clan Apis, Jay Hostler , 2007 (158 pgs)
175 book Humor Confessions of a bad beekeeper, Bill Turnbull, 2011 (237 pgs)
176 book Queen Rearing The Beekeeper's Pupil, Sara George , 2002 (314 pgs)
177 book Apiary The Beekeeper's Handbook, Third edition, Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitable, 1998 (190 pgs)
178 book Bees Huber's New Observations Upon Bees Vol I &II Hardbk Francis Huber., 2012 reprints of 1789, 1814 (633 pgs) Very readable
179 book Bees The Illustrated Australasian Bee Manual Hardback And complete guide to modern bee culture in the southern Hemisphere Isaac Hopkins , 2011 reprint of 1911 edition (187pgs) Very readable
180 book Bees Bees and Beekeeping Hardback Irmgard Diemer, 1988 (144 pgs)
181 book Novel The Beekeeperrs A novel Hardback Peter Redgrove, 1980 (156 pgs)
182 book Bees The Beekeeper's Handbook Paperback A Practical Manual of Bee Management Owen Meyer , 1982 (253pgs)
183 book Childrens Honeybees Hardback Jane Lecht, 1973 (32 pgs)
184 book Childrens Honeybees Hardback Colette Portal / Franklin Russell 1976 (32 pgs)
185 book BeChildrenses Watch Honeybees With Me Hardback Judy Hawes / Helen Stone 1964 (32 pgs)
186 book Childrens The Busy Honeybee Hardback Bernice Kohn / Mel Furukarwa, 1972 (32 pgs)
187 book Childrens Guess Who Stings Hardback Dana Meachen Rau, 2009 (32pgs)
188 book Childrens A Beekeepers Year Hardback Sylvia A Johnson, 1973 (32 pgs)
189 book Novel Sting of the Honeybee A novel of suspense Hardback Frank Parrish 1978 (180 pgs)
190 book Novel Friday Nights at Honeybee's Paperback Andrea Smith 2004 (306 pgs)
191 book Childrens The Mystery of the Honeybees' Secret Paperback Elspeth Campbell Murphy 1996 (63 pgs)
192 book Childrens Bzzz - A Beekeeper's Primer Hardback Evelyn Fatigati, 1976 (139 pgs)
193 book Childrens No Holidays for Honeybees Hardback Mervyn Kaufman, 1966 (64 pgs)
194 book Childrens From Flowers to Honey The story of Beekeeping Hardback Joanne Mattern 2000 (16 pgs)
195 book Classic The Bee-Master of Warrilow Hardback Tickner Edwardes 1921 (219 pgs)
196 book Beginner Bee-Keeping for all Hardback Tickner Edwardes 1943 (205 pgs)
197 book Classic The Lore of the Honey-Bee Hardback Tickner Edwardes 1948 reprint (1908) (196 pgs)
198 book Insects Insects A Guide to Familiar American Insects Paperback Herbert Zim / Clarence Cottam, 1956 (160 pgs)
199 book Bees Bees Nature's Little Wonders Paperback Candace Savage 2008 (127 pgs)
200 book Insects The Butterfly Book Paperback Donald and Lillian Stokes 1991 (96 pgs)
201 book Childrens The Bee Hardback Sabrina Crewe 1997 (32 pgs)
202 book Bee Diseases Honey Bee Diseases and Pests Paperback Marla Spivak / Gary Reuter 2000 (29 pgs)
203 book Beginner Natural The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beekeeping Paperback Dean Stiglitz and Laurie Herboldsheimer, 2010 (202 pgs)
204 book Beginner First Lessons in Beekeeping Paperback C. P. Dadant 1975 (127 pgs)
205 book Bees The Life of the Queen Bee Hardback Louis Southerland 1946 (126 pgs)
206 Hardback Beginner Beekeeping as a Hobby Kyle Onstott 1941 (137 pgs)
207 book Beekeeping Bee Chats, Tips and Gadgets Roy Thurber 1986 (226 pgs)
208 book History of Honey Robbing the Bees: A Biography of Honey, Bishop, Holley, 2005, Pgs: 324
209 paperback General Beekeeping Beekeeping for Dummies, Blackiston, Howland, 2002, Pgs: 303
210 book Honey: Selecting, Tasting, and Pairing The Honey Connoisseur, Marchese, C. Marina& Flottum, Kim, 2013, Pgs: 208
211 Spiral Bound Hive Inspection Hive Inspection Basics for Northwest Beekeepers, BeeOutside, 2012, Pgs: 74
212 Spiral Bound Hive Inspection Hive Inspection Basics for Northwest Beekeepers, BeeOutside, 2012, Pgs: 74
213 Spiral Bound Hive Inspection Hive Inspection Basics for Northwest Beekeepers, BeeOutside, 2012, Pgs: 74
214 Spiral Bound Hive Inspection Hive Inspection Basics for Northwest Beekeepers, BeeOutside, 2012, Pgs: 74
215 Spiral Bound Hive Inspection Hive Inspection Basics for Northwest Beekeepers, BeeOutside, 2012, Pgs: 74
216 book General Beekeeping Beekeeping in the Midwest, Jaycox, Elabert R., 1976, Pgs: 168
217 Paperback Increasing of Hives Increase Essentials, Connor, Lawrence John, 2006, Pgs: 128
218 Paperback Increasing of Hives Increase Essentials, Connor, Lawrence John, 2006, Pgs: 128
219 paperback Swarms Swarm Essentials, Repasky, Stephen J. & Connor, Lawrence John, 2014, Pgs: 128
220 Paperback Increasing of Hives Queen Rearing Essentials Second Edition, Connor, Lawrence John, 2015, Pgs: 160
221 Paperback Increasing of Hives Queen Rearing Essentials Second Edition, Connor, Lawrence John, 2015, Pgs: 160
222 Paperback General Beekeeping First Lesson in Beekeeping Revised, Dadant, C.P., 1924, Pgs: 127
223 book General Beekeeping The Complete Step-By-Step Book of Beekeeping, Cramp, David, 2013, Pgs: 160
224 book Honey The Complete Step-By-Step Book of Beekeeping, Fleetwood, Jenni, 2013, Pgs: 96
225 Paperback Skeps Skeps: Their History, Making, and Use, Alston, Frank & Richard, 1987, Pgs: 105
226 Paperback Research Bee Research Association, 1949-1974: A History of the First 25 Years, Bee Research Association, 1974, Pgs: 197
227 Paperback Queen Rearing Breeding Super Bees, Taber, Steve, 1987, Pgs: 174
228 Paperback General Beekeeping Keeping Bees, Gregory, Pam & Waring, Claire, 2011, Pgs: 256
229 book Beekeeping Fifty Years Among The Bees, Miller, C.C., 1915, Pgs: 328
230 Paperback Beginner Practical Beekeeping, Tompkins, Enoch & Griffith, Roger M., 1977, Pgs: 216
231 book Honey Honey: From Hive to Honeypot, Style, Sue & Evernden, Graham, 1993, Pgs: 120
232 book Beekeeping, memoir, nature journal A Book of Bees, Hubbell, Sue, 1988, Pgs: 193
233 Paperback Guide The Beekeepers Guide Third Edition, Hawkins, Kennith, 1936, Pgs: 79
234 VHS Beekeeping The Monk and the Honeybee (Buckfast)
235 VHS Bees "Tales from the Hive" and Down From the Mountain
236 VHS Bees Starting a New Hive from a Bee Package (Al Stedman), "The Mysterious Bee", and "The Honey Harvest"
237 VHS Bees The World of Bees
238 VHS-TAPE1 Beekeeping/Honey Keeping Bees and Producing Honey: An Introduction
239 VHS-TAPE2 Beekeeping/Honey Keeping Bees and Producing Honey: An Introduction

Unfortunately, Many of the older library items have come up missing. The above list contains many items that we once had but are currently missing. We encourage members to return materials after a 1 month checkout so they do not wind up in the missing category.

Hopefully we can get the library item numbers above attached to the items in the library to make finding them. Also, most items have a short review on the checkout card holder. Hopefully we can add the short review to help you make your selection for checkout. Would a picture be useful?

This Listing was updated 10/12/2017. George.