Congratulations to our 2020 Board:  Sandy Fanara, Dana Schack, John Sasser, Steve Hickman, Sophi Gwynne, Joe Gwynne, Darlene Stiffey, and Gordon Cromwell.  We look forward to a great year ahead.

The next membership meeting is December 17, 6 PM, at Jackson Scout Hall,

9161 Washington Ave NW, Silverdale, WA.  This is our annual holiday potluck party so members should bring a dish to share depending on beginning letter of last name.  More information is available on our Events and Education page.  Tab at the top of page.  Silent auction and honey tasting competition, too.

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Welcome to the West Sound Beekeepers Association (WSBA) homepage!

We hope you find our website informative about our organization and useful if you are interested in beekeeping. If you have any questions about our organization or our activities please email us, contact one of the officers, or show up at a scheduled meeting or event. We look forward to meeting new people interested in bees and beekeeping.

About Us:

The WSBA is one of about two dozen local beekeeping associations distributed around Washington State. Our Association focuses on training new beekeepers and developing skills beyond the beginner level. We hold our monthly meetings at Jackson Scout Hall, 9161 Washington Ave NW, in Silverdale, WA; and our WSBA teaching apiary is located behind the Stedman's Bee Supply buildings located at 3763 NW Anderson Hill Rd in Silverdale. This apiary is managed through volunteer effort to support the many hands-on beekeeping classes and training efforts.  The Association also maintains a lending library of beekeeping books, videos, magazines, and equipment available to current members.

For potential beginner beekeepers:

Many new beekeepers begin in the spring with our Beginning Beekeeping Course, earning certification with the Washington State Beekeeping Association; and with experience the student can progress through the WASBA Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Beekeeping Curriculum.  Learning is combined with hands-on sessions in the WSBA Apiary. The beginning course is timed for new beekeepers to prepare for starting hives in April. Throughout the season WSBA members can volunteer in the Apiary to gain experience and attend Saturday morning tutorials.  "Northwest Beekeeping" and "Queen Rearing" are held in alternate years. We encourage new beekeepers to take all the classes they can, especially in the first few years. Your bees will greatly benefit from your increasing knowledge. Also, check out the frequently asked questions page.

If you would like to become a member and join in the fun and adventures in beekeeping, Here is the form to join our association. Also, try to talk a neighbor into attending with you.

Membership Form

Farmer/Apiarist Sales Tax Form

2019 Apiary Registration Form

Additional membership in the Washington State Beekeepers Association is required for Journeyman or Master level certification. 

WASBA Membership link

West Sound Beekeepers Association wants to thank Stedman's Bee Supplies in Silverdale for hosting our club.  We conduct some of our educational events in their salesroom, and our teaching apiary is located behind their buildings.

Please join our club in supporting their long commitment to bees and beekeeping.

Stedman's Bee Supplies

Supplying to beekeepers for over 50 years

3763 NW Anderson Hill Rd

Silverdale, WA 98383

 (360) 692-9453