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Other State Beekeepers Association links - provided by The Oklahoma State Beekeepers Association

British Columbia Honey Producers Association - For links into other Canadian Beekeeping resources, check out their links page

Non-Beekeeping Sites of special interest to our Membership

Kitsap Food Chain - If you are looking for locally grown food in the county, this site will point you to a lot of sources.

Kitsap Food Co-op - Site forming a food co-op in the county.

Olympic Brewing Supplies (East Bremerton). If we want to turn our honey into Mead for drinking or alcohol for running our experimental cars, get your supplies and information here.

Stillwaters environmental center (Kingston, WA) Organization devoted to teaching us to live an ecologically sustainable lifestyle in our use of the earth's resources. They have education programs and classes available.

Sugar Free Recipes I need our association members to try out some of the recipes that uses honey instead of sugar that are listed on this site.Please bring the yummy results to the association meetings or drop them off at the webmasters residence and the leftovers will be brought to the meeting.

Swans Candles If you are looking for very pure and clean beeswax, Swans Candles is the place to get it. They also have a wonderful store full of candle making supplies. I also noticed they have the small hex jars that make wonderful gifts for friends and relatives when filled with honey. Located in Lakewood WA makes it an easy drive by our members. We go in and out of the box stores so often, we do not relize what we are missing by going to a local store attached to the owners house. It is like meeting new friends walking in the door. And after they have helped load your car, and even give you directions on how to miss the afternoon commute traffic on the back roads. This is the kind of store I like to support.

Journals & Publications

Bee Culture - formerly known as Gleanings in Bee Culture this is a publication of the A-I Root Company

American Bee Journal - published by Dadant & Sons

Hive and the Honeybee collection of scanned books posted online at Cornell. - If you are looking for a way to donate a few extra dollars, please donate a bit to Cornell to pay for scanning of more of the Beekeeping Book Library. They are excellent reading material for beekeepers and researchers.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information service - Beekeeping / Apiculture

Beekeeping & Development - a journal produced by Bees for Development which addresses beekeeping in developing countries

More links

Discussion Lists & Newsletters

Yahoo group for the Westsound Bee Association - An easy way to communicate with other members of our associable to get opinions, suggestions, and yes, actual help. 

Beemaster's International Beekeeping Forum - A very active forum great for beginning beekeepers as well as advanced beekeepers. 

General Groups page at Yahoo - There are hundreds of yahoo groups specifically for beekeeping. Here is the main search page for yahoo groups. 

Queen Breeders/Suppliers (and packages)

Stedman Bee Supply - 3763 NW Anderson Hill Rd Silverdale WA (360) 692-9453 Sells Honeybee Packages locally in the spring. (Silverdale, Washington)

First, check your local bee association - All local bee associations should be rearing queens for their local members or at least working toward this goal. Here is a link to Basil's queen rearing endevor Beedos Bee Adventures and if you want to buy queens from Basil and Dennis click here D And B Queen Farms

Sue Cobey's Site for Instrumental Insemination of Queens. - Sue also teaches classes on queen rearing if you want to get your association started rearing queens.

Glenn Apiaries - SMR, Minnesota Hygienic, Russian, Cordovan Italian, and Carniolan Queens. (California)

John Foster Apiaries(BZ-Bee) - Carniolan and Italian Queen bees and packages (California)

C.F. Koehnen & Sons, Inc. - Carniolan and Italian Queen bees and packages (California)

Strachan Apiaries - 2002 New World Carniolan, SMR, and Italian Queens (California)

Taber's Honeybee Genetics - Taber Hybrid Italian and Russian"Yugo" Carniolan Queens (California)

Hawaiian Queen Company - Italian queens bred in isolation. (Hawaii)

Kona Queen, Inc. - Italian and Carniolan Queens. (Hawaii)

Olivarez Honey Bees - Italian and Carniolan Queens. (California)

B-Weaver Apiaries - All-American, BeeSmart, Buckfast, Russian Queens (Texas)

R-Weaver Apiaries - Buckfast and Weaver All-American Queens. (Texas)

Olympic Wilderness Apiary - (360) 928-3125 Port Angeles, WA - Since 1997 we have conducted accelerated natural selection from feral colonies captured in the remote Olympic Peninsula rainforests. We crossbreed these Wild Survivors with the superior mite resistance and unsurpassed hygienic traits of the best USDA Primorsky Russian and VSH lines obtainable. Our chemical & antibiotic free hybrid stock is proven to withstand the emerging pests & pathogens currently challenging the beekeeping industry. Limited Select honeybee queens available July through September. ()

The Beez Neez Apiary Supply - Italian and Russian Queens. (Snohomish, WA)

Heitkam's Honey Bees - (530) 865-9562 - Northern California - Minnesota Hygienic, Russian, and New World Carniolan, SMR - Packages and Queens
email: (no link available)

More links

Beekeeping Supplies

Stedman Bee Supply - 3763 NW Anderson Hill Rd Silverdale WA (360) 692-9453 Complete Beekeeping Supply and Woodenware manufacturer. Is very supportive of our local bee association. (Silverdale, Washington)

House of Bees - Darren is no longer making modified Warre' style hives, but he has posted the plans for making them yourself. They look like the ideal hive for the backyard garden or even the front yard garden depending upon your painting talent. I hope we start seeing these hives in yards all around town. (Port Orchard, WA)

BetterBee Inc., 8 Meader Rd., Greenwich, NY 12834, Info & Fax (518)692-9802, Orders toll-free 1-800-632-3397

Dadant & Sons (Illinois)

Mann Lake (Minnesota)

GloryBee (Eugene, Oregon)

Ruhl Bee Supply (Gladstone, Oregon)

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm (North Carolina)

The Beez Neez Apiary Supply (Snohomish, WA)

Western Bee Supplies (Polson, Montana) ph: 1-800-548-8440

Walter T. Kelley Company (Kentucky)

HoneyBee Centre (Surrey, BC) This site looks like the ideal local bee supply store that reaches out and is embraced by the local community.

More links

Alternative hive equipment designs - You will find the 10 frame Langstroth hive that is the industry standard here. There are also plans for a WBC doublewalled hive as well as plans for frames, and other equipment. I just thought the industry standard should be listed first. This site also is a great resource for other information as well. 

Archive of - Dennis Murrell site showing a wide variety of top bar hive designs. This is the first site to visit if you are thinking of building a top bar hive. - Contains Details of the Warre' (Peoples hive) and the Delon Stable Climate Hive. These designs are similar is size and shape but differing features. They are vertical square hives that approximate the size of a hollow tree that bees would find in nature.

Canadian Pattents Office - this link takes you to the pattent information for the Kerkhof Hive that was granted to Herman Van De Kerkhof in 1979. Included are the drawings and details, much of which are readable.

Translated to english - The Bee Box, A long bar hive in Germany. The hive is long and the frames run along the length rather than across. this allows the brood nest to move freely through the winter months. This appears it may be a very low maintenance hive intended for backyard settings. Tipping it up to inspect the long frames looks interesting.

Translated to english - Oscar Perone manual for setting up a natural beekeeping hive. Oscar describes his method of starting with Langstroth equipment but modifying its use for setting a hive up that needs no maintenance through the year. In effect, he has incorporated some of the features of other alternative hive designs into the standard Langstroth equipment.

Olympic Wilderness Apiary - Modified Bee Tree Hive System incorporates dead air space below the brood nest. This could be incorporated into several of the above hives without modification.

worldbeehiveproject - Charles Reynolds is dedicated to building one of each hive type commonly in use around the world. He has a pretty good list to start with

Federations and Organizations

Apimondia - a world organization that promotes apicultural scientific, technical and economical development in all countries and the fraternal cooperation of beekeepers associations, scientists and of individual beekeepers all over the world. 

National Honey Board - Through its dozen-member staff in Longmont, Colorado, the NHB conducts research, advertising and promotions to help maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets for honey.

American Beekeeping Federation - The ABF will act on behalf of the beekeeping industry on issues affecting the interests and the economic viability of the various sectors of the industry

Canadian Honey Council - Cannada's National Association of Beekeepers

Bee Research

Washington State University Apis Molecular Systematics Laboratory (WSU Bee Lab)(Pullman, WA)

University of Minnesota Bee Lab)

Carl Hayden Bee Research Center (Tucson, Arizona)

USDA Beltsville Bee Research Laboratory (Beltsville, Maryland)

Logan Bee Lab (Utah)

USDA Bee Breeding & Genetics Lab (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) - Research lab of Lilia Guzman (Russian bee project), John Harbo & Jeffrey Harris (SMR bee breeding)

University of Montana's "Bee Alert" with Dr. Jerry Bromenshenk

International Bee Research Association - IBRA aims to increase awareness of the vital role of bees in the environment and encourages the use of bees as wealth creators. (U.K.)

University of California, Davis Department of Entomology Newsletters, Bee briefs, queen rearing classes, and more.

Dyce Labratory for Honeybee studies If you want to search For scientific papers on beekeeping, use this google search engine rather then as it only returns scientific papers.

Apitherapy Links

The American Apitherapy Society - This is the site to start at for learning about apitherapy - The use of Honey bee products in health maintenance and medicinal purposes!.

Pat Wagner's site - Pat wrote the book "How Well are You Willing to Bee???". The book about using Bee Sting Therapy to Improve the quality of life for someone stricken with M.S. from the viewpoint of the M.S. patient.

Ferris Apiaries - Ships honeybees by mail for use in Apitherapy.

Health Point Products - Source for Acupuncture Charts to aid you in Bee Venom Therapy.

Other Relevant Links - Randy Oliver's site has an amazing amount of current information on Varroa, Nosema, Bee Nutrition, and the almond pollination scene!. - Promotes benefits of more natural small cell size. Also has a very nice well organized list of web links.

Caspian Apiaries - Very interesting information benefits of stimulation with Caspian Solution

Dave Cushman website - Loads of Well Organized information Beekeeping and Bee Breeding Details

Back Yard Beekeepers Association - The Nation's Largest Club for Hobbyist Beekeepers

BeeHoo - a giant beekeeping directory

BeeSource - excellent information on all aspects of beekeeping with provocative essays from a "Point of View" - Here are a thousand links to beekeeping sites organized so you can find resources on everything related to beekeeping.

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