March 03, 2016, 05:46

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  1. Ferrera : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    Thanks, but I think I can afford a steamship fare. (Most people would ride a plane though.)

  2. Ibragimovich : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    Wow that is the MOST awesome ever

    and the red haired dude just simply ROX!

  3. Matt : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    haha that's awesome, well done! Buy cheapest cialis

  4. Lilo : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    Nope, a full 35, highest setting, I have 2 ATI HD 4870X2 too. :P

  5. Joan : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    is he not going to ruin his bones at that age doing weight lifting

  6. Masha : March 03, 2016, 05:46


  7. Kolya : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    so weird asians are usually like hairless........
    poor dude was born in the wrong country unless he moves to mmmmmmmm Tibet thats in China right?

  8. Fabao : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    lol no..i is always on the go even after 12 hr shifts i like t chill out sumhow !!! plus part of my research is picking out things like this to demonstrate a possible start to later body destruction at an earlier age than all in the name of Buy cheapest cialis

  9. Petr : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    Buy pfizer viagra online If he think Obama will eventually destroy this nation I wonder how he felt about former president Bush policies, I mean Bush starting wars against the world hiding behind terroris and threating Europe with Nuclear weapons. He obviousely got Obama confuse with Bush
    wake up, Bush is out of the White House.

  10. Mikola : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    That's what i thought

  11. Miola : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    25000 dollar cost it, a lot of money, for a ot of fun :D

  12. Armando : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    Pahahaha, this is the first thing I've ever seen that's gotten me to think evolution could be real lol.

  13. Vova : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    I must say i am a bit disappointed in this marketing scheme. The most important part of an SSD is not bandwidth (although it helps), it's IOPS and accesstime. I like the demonstrations with application launches. But as any serious geek out there, i say "GIVE US IOmeter!" (or perhaps you can't, because you'd get blown away by the competition on IOPS?) Buy cheapest cialis

  14. Sonya : March 03, 2016, 05:46

    what the hell did they do to those guys why are both there heads and ears rapped lmao