WSBA Meetings

The West Sound Beekeepers Association general membership meetings are normally  held at 7 PM on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Jackson Scout Hall, 9161 Washington Ave NW, Silverdale WA 98383. Due to the current pandemic, we are temporarily hosting our meetings on Zoom, and details for the meeting will be provided to members via email prior to the meeting each month.














Monthly Membership Meetings:

2022 General Meeting Schedule (All meetings Start at 7pm)

  • 18 Jan (Zoom)

  • 22 Feb (TBD)

  • 22 Mar (TBD)

  • 19 Apr (TBD)

  • 17 May (TBD)

  • 21 Jun (TBD)

  • 19 Jul (TBD)

  • 16 Aug (TBD)

  • 20 Sept (TBD)

  • 18 Oct (TBD)

  • 22 Nov (TBD)

  • 27 Dec (TBD)

Quarterly Board Meetings:

WSBA Board Meetings are held several times a year virtually on Zoom. .

2022 Board Meeting Schedule TBD


To access archive of WSBA Board Meeting minutes:  

About Our Meetings:

(General Meeting format)- The meeting usually starts promptly at 7 PM with the President chairing the meeting.  A typical meeting begins with greetings and announcements, a presentation related to beekeeping, followed by a lively discussion by members with questions or seeking advice for ongoing hive problems.
The general membership meeting is open to all members, guests, and visitors. If you are interested in beekeeping or want to talk with a beekeeper, please stop by a meeting.  Please check the news and events page for presentation topics and times for all of the meetings.
From April through September there are also be events at the Apiary prior to the general meetings. These may be formal demonstrations, apiary tasks looking for volunteer assistance, questions answered, or "I don't know, lets look in a hive to find out" sessions. Please check the news and events page for more details on these events.
Brood Comb
Supercedure Cells
Apiary Hives
Sugar Roll
Look for eggs
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