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If you have any questions about our organization or our activities, please check out our FAQ. For all other questions, contact us using the form below, or show up at a scheduled meeting or event. We look forward to meeting new people interested in bees and beekeeping!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are dealing with honeybees, wasps or bumblebees, club members are avaiilable to help you for a small fee. Click here to visit our Swarm page.

• Help! I have a swarm or nest of bees!
• I'd want someone from the club come to give a presentation for my class, group or event.

We'd love to help! Members of our club frequently give classes, presentations or talks for a wide variety of audiences and ages. Please contact our education coordinator to request a presenter.

• I want to buy/sell honey, wax or other bee products.

The club does not sell bee products like wax or honey, though some members might. You can post your request on the club Facebook page, or for a yearly fee, you can advertise in the "Buy-Sell-Trade" section of our newsletter. Contact our club treasurer for more details.

• I'm having trouble logging in to my member page or accessing parts of the website.

For all technical issues, email our webmaster.

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