January 15, 2016, 23:08

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  1. Gogi : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    hahahaha nice :D

  2. Antonio : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    LoL! It really is no point in arguing with you.
    I'll leave you with this.
    There is a difference between Patriotism & Fanaticism. There is nothing wrong with having different points of view. There is nothing wrong in disagreeing with someone. Keyes not only is mudslinging, he's perpetuating lies because he's jealous. It's funny when he was running for president conservatives laughed in his face. Comedy

  3. Alexis : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    26 years!
    wow :) Buy viagra mesa

  4. Umberto : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    the dad looks intent on pushing his broken dreams of being a weightlifter onto his son shoulders. (no pun intended)

    poor kid.

  5. Sonya : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    I bet that was fun spending all of Samsung's money to create an all but average viral campaign.
    I wish I was at your next client meeting to see all the pretty research graphs you've prepared to stroke the egos client side...
    In the words of the late, great Bill Hicks
    "By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself...you scumbags, quit putting a godamn dollar sign on every fucking thing on this planet!"

  6. Jose : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    let da boy grow!

  7. Armando : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    Keyes is a LIAR, a filthy LIAR

  8. Santana : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    I presume the ice water is to pour down your pants :) Buy viagra mesa

  9. Vavilin : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    Buy cheapest cialis Meh child abuse comes in all different forms and all over the world...From parents portraying matrydom by becoming a suicide bomber, to physical abusing and then this ... I don't feel comfortable with under 18s with heavy equipment.

  10. Vanila : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    are you really that stupid???or is it your fist day on youtube???does the information look like it goes with oyur comment??no it doesnt you fuckin retard go get an education at least enough to one minute woth of critical thinking what a moron

  11. Silven : January 15, 2016, 23:08


  12. Vivaldi : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    26 years!
    wow :)

  13. Doni : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    his probably going to stay the same size
    but still nice job Buy viagra mesa

  14. Nokoli : January 15, 2016, 23:08

    Communists are not patriotic. They are just cowards. Afraid to fight. Obama is going to prove this by retreating American troops.