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Flow Hive

At this time we do not have any Flow Hives at the club Apiary but several of our members are experimenting with this design.

The advantage to this type of hive is the ability to extract the honey without the need to disturb the bees.

The disadvantage to this style of hive in our area is that it was designed to work in a warmer climate with a longer (almost continuous) growing season and there is some concern about if our summer days are warm enough to let the honey flow effectively from the hive.

Flow Hive

The Flow Hive is a proprietary design for a beehive launched in 2015 on Indiegogo. It was based on a design by father and son team of beekeepers and inventors, Stuart and Cedar Anderson from Australia to find a way of extracting honey from comb without the need to open the hive.The system uses food-grade plastic frames which can be split using a special tool and the honey then flows into containers without the need to remove any frames. However, the flow hive has been highly controversial within the beekeeping community as it encourages the lax of maintenance of the hives against diseases and pests and encourages sickly bees

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